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  1. We have a "Thermometer" template with a version "1" based on our original "Thermometer" thing
  2. A "Thermometer 2" thing was created based on version "1"
  3. The "Thermometer" thing was updated with a new "precision" property
  4. A version "2" has been added to the "Thermometer" template based on the updated "Thermometer" thing
  5. We wish to have our "Thermometer 2" thing updated to version "2"


  1. "Thermometer" thing created in the Create, Read And Write Property scenario
  2. "Thermometer" template created in Create Template scenario
  3. "Thermometer 2" thing created in Create Thing From Template scenario
  4. "Thermometer" thing updated with new "precision" property, and version "2" created from this update in Create New Template Version scenario


1. Update "Thermometer 2" to version "2"

  1. Open the "Information" section in the "Thing: Thermometer 2" tab
  2. Click "Update" to open the "Update Thing" dialog
  3. Select "2" in the drop-down menu of "Upgrade to version"
  4. Click "Update" to perform the update
  5. Note that the template version has been changed from "v.1" to "v.2"
  6. The new "precision" property has also been added


Any "thing" object which originated from a old template version on GadgetKeeper can easily be updated to the latest version by following this procedure

the "thing" object can be updated only if it has a template name and version number already shown in its "Information" section ("thing" was created from a template or serial number)

If the "Detach" button is clicked in the "Information" section for any "thing" created from a template, the "thing" is disabled from any further updates








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