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  1. We have a "Thermometer" template added to our template list
  2. We wish to create a new "Thermometer" thing based on the latest version in this template


  1. Our "Thermometer" template was created in the Create Template scenario
  2. A new thing can be created from any version listed in this template 
  3. A created thing will be a clone of the model thing used for the version (same properties, methods, events, etc.)
  4. This example demonstrates how a "Thermometer" thing is created from the latest version


1. Create "Thermometer" thing from "Thermometer" template

  1. In the "Template: Thermometer" tab, open "Information"
  2. Simply click the "Create Thing" button - a new thing will be created and opened
  3. A new "Thermometer 2" thing is created. You can find its base template and version in the "Information" section:

The new "Thermometer 2" thing is an exact duplicate of the "Thermometer" thing that version 1 (v.1) is based on (same properties, method, events, etc.)

Clicking "Thermometer" will open the the "Information" section of the "Template: Thermometer" tab with a list of all its versions

Clicking "v.1" in will open the "Versions" section of the "Template: Thermometer" tab with details on the model thing used for the version

A new thing can also be created from any of the previous versions. Simply open the "Versions" section in the "Template: Thermometer" tab, click on the desired version, and then click "Create Thing"

Whenever a new thing is created from a template version, a name is automatically assigned to it that matches the template name with a number added, such as "Thermometer 2", "Thermometer 3", etc.

Additional things can also be created from a template. In this case, the name given to the next next thing created from the "Thermometer" template will be "Thermometer 3", regardless of the selected template version

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