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  1. Our "thermometer" thing has been developed to the point where we can share it with other users
  2. This is done by first creating a template for keeping track of versions of the "thermometer" thing
  3. Versions must then be released in order for for them to accessible by other users
  4. Many "thermometer" clones can be produced based on one template version
  5. An entire product line can also be based on one template version


  1. The "Thermometer" thing used in this example was created in the Create, Read And Write Property scenario
  2. Each of the versions listed in a template is a "base model" for the selected thing
  3. New versions can be added as changes are made to the thing (no thing updates are allowed within versions)
  4. Options are available for updating any device using a particular version automatically, without user intervention


  1. We simply create a template and clone our "thermometer" as version "1"


1. Create "Thermometer" template

  1. Click "Templates" in the main menu to open a tab listing the current templates
  2. click "+" to open "Create Template" dialog
  3. Insert a name for the template
  4. Put a check mark in "Public" (template can be accessed by anyone)
  5. click "Save" to save the new template

2. Create version "1"

  1. In the "Template: Thermometer" tab, open "Versions" 
  2. Click "New" to open "Create Version" dialog
  3. Set version name to "1"
  4. Select "Thermometer" in the drop-down menu as "Prototype thing"
  5. Click "Save" to add new version

Any new template version is based on a clone of the selected thing as it exists at the moment of version creation. You are free to modify your original thing - the template will remain fixed as it was at the moment of creation.

If the "Upgrade performed by thing" check-box is checked, any device will be allowed to initiate an update automatically to the this version without confirmation from the owner. If this box is unchecked, the owner would have to manually scan GadgetKeeper for this version and download it using command options.

3. Release version "1"

In order to make your new version available to users, you need to release it:

  1. Open the details section of the selected version and click "Release"


The newly released version immediately becomes visible to other users on GadgetKeeper
The version is also available for use when creating a product on GadgetKeeper



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