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Thing uses GadgetKeeper message broker to exchange messages. 

Communication Protocols:MQTT, XMPP, STOMP
RPC Protocol:JSON-RPC 2.0
How it works:
  1. Thing subscribes to a predefined topic on GadgetKeeper message broker using preferred protocol
  2. GadgetKeeper sends a command to the topic
  3. Thing receives command from the topic
  4. Thing sends response to the topic
  1. GadgetKeeper servers must be reachable from Thing
  2. Thing must keep alive connection to GadgetKeeper message broker


Connection Settings

Namexconnection name
Protocolxselect "json-rpc over messaging"
Response, msx

number of milliseconds GadgetKeeper will wait for Thing

to receive message and send response

Date formatx

date format representation:

  • iso-8601 - date is represented as string (example: "2013-05-27UTC06:07:16Z")
  • unix-timestamp - not supported, date is represented as number (example: 1369634836)
Description connection description


MQTT Connection 

MQTT Port1883
MQTTS Port1884
Request Topicthing.<THING_ID>
Response Topicthing.<THING_ID>


Example Scenario Using MQTT


  1. Thing has remote method "echo"
  2. Thing want to be able to handle this method


  1. Thing establishes MQTT connection to GadgetKeeper MQTT server
  2. Thing subscribes to topic "thing.990fc000c90211e2b5566c626dd90e00", there "990fc000c90211e2b5566c626dd90e00" is its ID
  3. GadgetKeeper sends JSON-RPC request message to the topic: 

  4. Thing receives JSON request message and send a response back to the topic:

  5. GadgetKeeper receives the response



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