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  1. Vendor creates a new Template Version associated to Product
  2. Device Owner update Thing to a new version using Gadget Keeper UI
  3. Device must perform its firmware update as well in order to be compatible

Check out "Getting Started" tutorials for Vendor instructions:

  1. Create Template

  2. Create Template Version

  3. Create Product And Serial Number

Check out "Getting Started" tutorials for Owner instructions:

  1. Update Thing To New Version


Check out Update Device Firmware tutorial for API calls details.

Check expected version

Device must retrieve Thing version expected by Platform. 

See Get Target Version GadgetKeeper API call for more details.

Firmware update 

If expected version is different from installed firmware version then Device downloads required firmware version and update itself.

See Get Version Firmware GadgetKeeper API call for more details.

Version update confirmation

After Device firmware is updated, Device confirms version update to Platform. 

See Switch To A New Version GadgetKeeper API call for more details.


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