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  1. A user has a working thermometer device with a serial number
  2. The user wishes to create a new "thermometer" thing in his list of GadgetKeeper things based on this serial number


  1. "Thermometer" product created in Create Product And Serial Number scenario
  2. The serial number for the device must already be listed as one of the serial numbers for the "Thermometer" product


  1. The device owner simply specifies the serial number found on his device, and a new thermometer thing is created on GadgetKeeper
  2. The owner can also check the status of the serial number and the template version used in his device based on the device's serial number


1. Look up serial number

  1. Every new "Thermometer" device has a unique serial number to identify it
  2. The serial number must be looked up on the device. It should be something like: "THERM00000000000001"
  3. The method used for looking up a serial number depends on the particular device

2. Create "ThermometerDevice" thing based on serial number

  1. Click "Things" in main menu to show the "Things" tab with the current list of things
  2. Click "+" in this tab to show "Create Thing" dialog
  3. Enter in a name for the new thing, such as: "ThermometerDevice"
  4. Enter in the serial number for the device, or enter something like "THERM00000000000001" for testing
  5. Click the "Save" button. A new "ThermometerDevice" thing is created and its tab is opened
  6. The base template and version can be found in the "Information" section (clicking this will open the "Template: Thermometer" tab and details on the model thing used for the version)
  7. The base product and serial number can also be found (clicking this will open the "Product: Thermometer" tab with its list of serial numbers)

This new "Thermometer" thing is actually a clone of the model thing that the template version is based on. Details for this model thing can be found by selecting the template version in the "Template: Thermometer" tab, and then clicking the "Model thing:" link in the details section

When creating a thing based on a serial number, an error message will be shown if the serial number or the template version it's based on no longer exists

3. Check serial number status using UI

  1. Click "Products" in main menu, and then select "Thermometer" in the "Products" tab
  2. Open the "Serial Numbers" section in the "Product: Thermometer" tab
  3. Look for the device's serial number on the list, such as: "THERM00000000000001", and select it
  4. Click the "Thing" link to check the details of the thing created from the serial number (this opens up the same "Thing: ThermometerDevice" tab as shown in step 2)
  5. Click the "Server version" link to check the status of the device's template version in the "Template: Thermometer" tab







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