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  1. Our "thermometer" template has advanced to the stage where we can create a new product based on it
  2. Once a product is created, we can sell/distribute thermometer devices
  3. Each new device must have a serial number associated with it
  4. We wish to register these serial numbers on GadgetKeeper


  1. The "Thermometer" template used in this example was created in the Create Template scenario
  2. The "Product" tab is a listing of current products, while the tabs for each individual product contain a list of serial numbers and template details
  3. The latest version in the "Thermometer" template has been tested and debugged to the point where a product can be made from it
  4. Serial numbers and template details can be registered for a new product as needed


  1. Making a "Thermometer" product based on the "Thermometer" template
  2. Adding serial numbers to each of the thermometer devices in the "Thermometer" product line


1. Create "Thermometer" product

  1. Click "Products" in the main menu to open a tab listing the current products
  2. Click "+" to open "Create Product" dialog
  3. Enter a name for the new product
  4. Select "Thermometer" from the drop-down menu as the "Default template"
  5. Put a check mark in "Public" (product can be accessed by anyone)
  6. Click "Save" to save the new product

The new "Thermometer" product has been added to the list, and a "Product: thermometer" tab appears:

2. Add serial key to a "Thermometer" device

  1. In the "Product: Thermometer" tab, open the "Serial Numbers" section
  2. Click "New" to show "Create Serial Numbers" dialog
  3. Enter "THERM00000000000001" as the serial number
  4. Click "Save" to register the serial number

The new serial number has been added to the list, and its details are shown by clicking on it

Note that the "Template:" and "Version:" boxes have been left blank. In this case, the product's serial number is based on the default template in step 1. The version number also defaults to the latest version

If a different template and/or version number are required, they can be entered in via the drop-down menus when creating the serial number



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