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"http" object provides methods to perform HTTP methods.

"http" method

Performs a HTTP call. 

requestrequiredrequest object


"request" has following attributes:

methodrequiredHTTP method to call
urlrequiredurl to call
parameters key-value map with URL parameters
form key-value map with form parameters
charset charset to encode form
headers key-value map with headers
cookies key-value map with cookies
data string to send as request data


"response" object has following attributes:

statusCoderequiredhttp response code integer
statusrequiredhttp response code description
contentLength content length in bytes, null if no content
contentType content type, null if no content
content content as string, null if no content
headersrequiredkey-value map with headers
cookiesrequiredkey-value map with cookies


"get/post/put/delete" methods

This functions are a shortcuts to '"http" function. "Method" property in "request" object is automatically set..

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