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To create a new thing, make sure the "Things" tab is open by clicking "Things" in the main menu.

The "Create Thing" dialog box opens by clicking the green "plus" sign on the top right


Thing name.

  • Must be unique within the thing list
  • Can contain: only alphanumeric characters and _ (underscore)



If the serial number is known for a device, a unique "thing" can be created for it by entering it the text box.

  • The new "thing" is actually a clone of the model thing used for production, and is based on the same template version
IconxThe selected icon shows the general appearance of the device used for the "thing"
Description Thing description.








After a thing has been created, it can be edited anytime by:

  1. Selecting the thing in the "Things" tab
  2. In the "Information" section, click "Edit" in the details panel. A similar dialog box will open with the retained settings:



Note that a new tab appears in the "Edit Thing" dialog box called "Authentication". This is used to set parameters for establishing a connection to an online account, such as Twitter. There are three forms of authentication, as explained below

   "NONE" is the default value, and
   is used for most applications

                            "OAUTH1" and "OAUTH2" are only used to enable access to an online account or external application.

                            The parameters are configured as explained on Integrate with External Services



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