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The API methods used for provisioning enable vendors or general users to:

  • Activate and register a device with a serial number
  • Obtain information on the latest "target" firmware version
  • Obtain information on the current firmware version installed on the device
  • Download and install the selected version
  • Update/switch GK thing's version to the installed version on the device (confirms the latest update on GK)

All provisioning interactions between devices and GadgetKeeper are done by using the API methods as explained on the Provision API page
Activating a device with the given serial number allows future API calls to GadgetKeeper by returning two key Id numbers:

  • API Key for authentication

  • Thing Id to identify thing associated with the device

Getting Started

Devices that use Provision API must have a software-readable string identifier "Serial Number" (e.g. Serial Number, MAC address, etc) that associated with Product.

In order to setup a Product and to add Serial Numbers to it, Vendor can use GadgetKeeper Console or API.

Check out "Getting Started" tutorials for Vendor instructions:

  1. Create Template

  2. Create Template Version

  3. Create Product And Serial Number


Check out Activate Device tutorial for API calls details.


Activation is the first step to all subsequent interactions.

The activation sequence simply consists of the Device sending its Serial Number to GadgetKeeper and receiving back API Key and Thing Id. The Device should then store them in non-volatile memory and should use for subsequent interactions with the platform.
See Activate GadgetKeeper API call for more details.

Firmware update 

It's important that Device firmware version corresponds to the Thing version. Activated Device must retrieve version information and download corresponding firmware. This feature is most commonly used for providing new firmware to devices in the field (e.g. in-field update), and for providing new media content to devices (e.g. new images for advertisement content). Device downloads required firmware version and update itself. See Get Target Version and Get Version Firmware GadgetKeeper API calls for more details.

Template firmware is managed by the Vendor who owns the Product.

Version update confirmation

After Device firmware is updated, Device confirms new version to Platform.

See Switch To A New Version GadgetKeeper API call for more details.


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