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4. Fire "temperatureChanged" event using REST API

  1. Events can be activated by using a REST API tool, such as cURL or API Explorer
  2. Activation is done by issuing a "POST" command, which is a standard HTTP method
  3. The command line may require a thing Id, a property Id, and/or an API Key value


  1. Check out the GadgetkeeperAPI - Datapoints page for details on how to fire an event (create datapoint) on GadgetKeeper API using cURL or a REST API tool
  2. Obtain required parameters:
      • To obtain the Thing Id, see instructions here.
      • Obtain "temperatureChanged" event Id. See instructions here.
      • To create


      4. Use  Use API Explorer to  to perform REST calls manually on the using UI
      5. Use Use cURL to  to perform REST calls using command linesline:

Code Block
 curl -i -X POST -H "X-ApiKey: <API_KEY>" -H "Content-Type: text/json; charset=UTF-8" -d '[{"value":52.56,"at":"2013-06-02T21:05:04.150Z"}]' "<THING_ID>/events/<EVENT_ID>/datapoints.json"

      6. This code performs the same function as the "Push Event" UI procedure in step 3
      7. More details on how to fire an event with a given array of timestamped datapoint values can be found in Create event datapoints
      8. For more information on REST API, see: